From the "doing sysadmin over wobbly 3G while waiting for our plane to be allowed to take off" department comes this bit of mailing list setup. By his own admission, Rob is better at configuring Postfix than he is at making blog posts, so I get to be the one posting this...

09:58 <@Robot101> my postfix -> eoc integration is basically ninja, if I might 
                  say so myself
09:58 <@Robot101> so, an eoc transport in
09:58 <@Robot101> eoc       unix  -       n       n       -       10      pipe 
                  user=list argv=/usr/bin/enemies-of-carlotta --quiet 
                  --incoming --sender=${sender} --recipient=${recipient}
09:59 <@Robot101> then in
09:59 <@Robot101> eoc_destination_recipient_limit = 1
09:59 <@Robot101> virtual_mailbox_domains =
09:59 <@Robot101> virtual_mailbox_maps = pcre:/etc/postfix/list_transports
09:59 <@Robot101> transport_maps = pcre:/etc/postfix/list_transports
09:59 <@Robot101> then a script/cron:
09:59 <@Robot101> su -c "enemies-of-carlotta --show-lists" list | sed 
                  's,\(.*\)@\(.*\),/^\1(-[^@]*)?@\2$/ eoc,' 
09:59 <@Robot101> giving list_transports like this:
09:59 <@Robot101> /^test(-[^@]*)?$/ eoc
09:59 <@Robot101> (thanks to smcv for assistance with regexp-generation regexp)
10:01 <@wjt> ten points for using the best -named mlm
10:01 <@Robot101> 2000 points for not having a mailing list system held 
                  together with procmail, shell, duct tape, gash and string