This afternoon Andre released telepathy-qt4 0.2.0, the first version that builds a shared library, and I've uploaded it to Debian (it'll get into unstable as soon as it clears the NEW queue).

This is a major milestone for telepathy-qt4: over the course of 16 months' development it's gone from a collection of auto-generated constants (Olli Salli's initial commit, back in July 2008) to a shared library with a frozen API and ABI. We encourage Qt/KDE application developers to treat telepathy-qt4 as the preferred Qt 4 binding for Telepathy.

Andre and the rest of the Telepathy project will continue to add high-level bindings for more Telepathy features over the course of the 0.3.x series; we plan to keep the API and ABI backwards-compatible until shortly before the next milestone, 0.4.0, at which point we'll consider breaking ABI to drop deprecated functionality.